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Ron Leshnower’s Ma Tovu is an impassioned choral-orchestral work that features the original Hebrew text of Numbers 24:5 and Psalm 5:8 and incorporates the traditional, familiar melody as chanted in Jewish synagogues.

Ma Tovu recalls the biblical story of Balaam, who stood in awe and praised the Israelites’ tents of worship despite having been dispatched by King Balak of Moab to denounce them.

Composer Ron Leshnower performed and programmed his interpretation of Ma Tovu using virtual instruments and voices from EastWest/Quantum Leap.

Ron Leshnower’s Ma Tovu: The Lyrics

Numbers 24:5

מַה־טֹּֽבוּ אֹהָלֶיךָ יַעֲקֹב מִשְׁכְּנֹתֶיךָ יִשְׂרָאֵל ׃

Ma tovu ohalekha Ya’akov, mishk’notekha Yisra’el!
How goodly are thy tents, O Jacob, thy dwelling places, O Israel!

Psalm 5:8

וַאֲנִי בְּרֹב חַסְדְּךָ אָבוֹא בֵיתֶךָ

Va’ani b’rov chasdekha, avo veytekha,
As for me, in the abundance of thy lovingkindness will I come into thy house,

אֶשְׁתַּחֲוֶה אֶל הֵיכַל קָדְשְׁךָ בְּיִרְאָתֶךָ ׃

eshtakhaveh el heikhal kodshekha b’yir’atekha.
I will worship toward thy holy temple in the fear of thee.

English translation courtesy of The Standard Prayer Book by Rev. Simeon Singer (1915, public domain)

About the Composer

Ron Leshnower is a classical and jazz composer and a virtuoso pianist whom music critic Dan MacIntosh describes as a “talented, one-man-band artist.” His original works explore a range of genres, orchestrations, and emotions. Leshnower has been captivated by the possibilities of electronic music since the 1980s, and his patience and attention to detail has enabled him to program complex projects that emphasize human expression and achieve a sentimental realism.
Leshnower’s career as a composer began in earnest when he had an orchestral work premiered at age 15 and, a year later, took first prize in a Long Island composition competition for an original chamber music piece.
Leshnower earned a bachelor’s degree in music and Italian from Yale and also studied piano, by audition, with a noted professor at the Yale School of Music. He has also conducted and accompanied a wide range of adult and youth ensembles and teaches private piano lessons.

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